Welcome to Health Maze Navigator.

Our mission is to provide telephone based support to patients, their families and friends, employers and health care providers to navigate the emotional traumas associated with life altering - chronic, life threatening, debilitating or progressive - medical conditions, and the health care system.

Our goal is to help you feel better.


A Health Maze Navigator helps patients, family members, friends, health care providers and employers navigate the traumas of life altering medical conditions, and the health care system.

Our starting point is to clarify what's happening now: the medical condition or the diagnosis, and all of the associated emotions.

Then, your needs, desires, and other options for your course of action are determined. We talk it though and figure this out to ensure the smoothest transition through the unknown.


As an example, are you worried about the medical condition and how it will impact relationship roles, finances, and the quality of your life?

Do you feel frustrated with the situation?

Is it difficult to cope?


To help you plot a course through the emotional turbulence with the medical condition and the health care system, the Health Maze Navigator (HMN) will talk with you on the phone so you can resolve the immediate and the long term questions that are stirred up by YOUR emotions.

Our job is helping you find your way, and helping you avoid the potential problems that can occur with missed communications between members of the family network as well as the health care system.



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